The International Expert Consortium on the

Regulation, Economics and Computer Science of AI

The International Expert Consortium on the Regulation, Economics, and Computer Science of AI (RECSAI) provides a platform to facilitate cross-disciplinary enquiries on key questions and challenges related to artificial intelligence. The consortium consists of experts from around the globe who are interested in engaging in research, education, and thought leadership to shape the evolution of artificial intelligence in our world. RECSAI believes that bringing leading thinkers together to tackle the issues surrounding artificial intelligence will drive positive change.

RECSAI is generously funded by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.

Our Impact


We enable transnational, interdisciplinary research through annual conferences and events.


We coordinate policy advice across national and regional boundaries.


We connect leading AI scholars from various fields and continents.


We promote a global network of scholars and thought leaders dedicated to furthering the potential of responsible AI while mitigating its risks.

Our Focus

Since the early 2000s, the modern version of AI (deep learning) has excelled at performing narrow, specific tasks (e.g., recognizing patterns in data). Now, we are witnessing the birth of a new generation of AI models in real time with the emergence of increasingly powerful large generative AI models. These models handle a wide range of problems, power various downstream applications, and can produce human-level text, images, videos, music, or even art. However, current AI regulation in the EU, the US, and elsewhere is not yet fully prepared for the advent of these models. This latest generation of AI models will be the initial focus of RECSAI. Through events and publications, we seek to contribute to a better understanding of these models, the optimal legal environment, and possible avenues for international collaboration and regulation.